Products and Services

Cold Rolled Products

Cold rolled (CRF) products; surface cleaning, annealing (re-crystallization chicken), tempering and lubrication processes. In this way, the values defined in the standards are meet in surface smoothness, width and thickness tolerances. There is a wide range of application area, especially automotive and white goods.

Hot rolled acidized products of the tufal layer formed on the surface of the hot rolled sheet it is obtained by cleaning it with hydrochloric acid on a continuous line. Then the acid on the surface is rinsed with water, the product is lubricated with protective oil. Automotive, pipe profile, agricultural vehicles, shelf manufacturing, surface smoothness of sectors such as construction, can be processed smoothly in various manufacturing applications such as press pressing and bending, including deep tensile, we supply hot rolled and hot rolled acid products that can meet the delicate demands of our customers.

Hot Roll - Rolled Acidized Products

Galvanized Steel Products

Galvanized steel, surface cleaning, annealing, galvanized (zinc) coating respectively, drying processes. Enhanced corrosion resistance Contain. It can be shaped, welded and painted. Customer requests according to hot dip galvanized steels, high strength steels, we supply steels and building steels suitable for cold forming and deep pull.

About us

Depending on the development of the industry in Turkey in 1984, our company is committed to meeting the raw material needs of manufacturers of special sizes. It was founded in Istanbul. Today it is a steel service center specializing in the production and market of flat steel sheets. Central Tuzla/Istanbul, branches Çayırova/KOCAELİ and Hasanağa Nilüfer/BURSA locations are produced.


To be a leader in Turkey and World market without compromising quality and honesty by always keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront.


By combining the light we receive from our corporate vision with the principle of professionalism, Our corporate mission is to maximize the technological developments of the sector and customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy

As Kesan Çelik A.Ş.j; to prevent pollution, reduce energy, water and fuel consumption

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Kesan Çelik A.S., within the framework of the legal legislation of occupational health safety and the conditions of the affiliated organizations, It is our policy to work with the goal of zero work accidents by identifying the dangers, risks and taking the necessary precautions inside and outside the factory. The occupational health and safety of our team is our most important value.

Quality Policy

As Kesan Çelik A.S., the company has established and implemented a quality management system that depends on our culture and values. to place quality awareness in all employees from senior management, to comply with national-international regulations and laws, to we are committed to increasing their satisfaction by delivering them on time and without errors.


Kesan Çelik A.Ş. (Gebze)

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Kesan Çelik A.Ş. (Bursa)

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